An employment lawyer explains what we need to know as workplaces open


by The Big Story

Employees returning to work is a positive sign in our battle against COVID-19, but it’s also scary, and raises a lot of questions. Is my workplace safe? What is my employer required to do to make it safe? What do I do if I don’t think it is?

What if my daycare is still closed and I don’t have childcare? What if I’ve been temporarily laid off—do I get my job back now? What if my office is safe, but I don’t have a safe way to get to it? Am I allowed to keep working from home, or can my company force me back?

Today, a primer, from an employment lawyer who is in the thick of this right now.

GUEST: Lindsay Scott, Paliare Roland and Pro Bono Ontario

Source: 680 News, 19 May 2020.