Prosecutors oppose release of Quebec woman accused of mailing poison to Donald Trump

Quebec resident Pascale Ferrier, 53, has been identified as the suspect alleged to have sent letters containing the poisonous substance ricin to the White House.

Prosecutors in the United States say a Canadian woman accused of sending poisoned letters to President Donald Trump is too dangerous to be released.

In a memo filed with the Washington D.C. district court on Friday, acting U.S. attorney Michael Sherwin argued that Pascale Ferrier poses a flight risk.

Sherwin also cited the nature of the crimes Ferrier is accused of and the strength of the government’s evidence in the memo.

Ferrier was arrested at a U.S. border crossing on Sept. 20.

U.S. authorities say she was in possession of a handgun and several other weapons as well as a fake Texas driver’s licence when she was arrested.

Ferrier has been charged with sending a letter containing the poison ricin, which was intercepted before being delivered to the White House.

Source: The Canadian Press, CTV, November 2, 2020.

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