It’s an end of an era for the city’s transit system.

As of Nov. 30, the TTC will be selling tokens, tickets and passes, in an effort to completely move forward with the PRESTO system.

Here’s what you need to know if you ride the red rocket:

TTC tickets, tokens and passes

  • Nov. 30 will be the last day customers will be able to purchase TTC tickets, tokens and passes at subway stations.
  • Some third-party retails will continue to sell TTC tickets and tokens.
  • We have not set a stop accepting date, so customers can still use any remaining tickets, tokens and day passes they have to pay their fare. Refunds will not be provided so they are encouraged to use them before switching to PRESTO.


  • TTC is switching to the PRESTO electronic fare payment system, which replaces the need for customers to use tickets, tokens, cash or separate monthly passes to pay their fare. Customers can load their card with money to pay their fare as they go, or with a monthly pass for unlimited travel across the TTC each month.
  • PRESTO card readers are available on all buses, streetcars and every subway station entrance. Customers simply need to tap their card every time they board a vehicle or enter a subway station. Their fare will be deducted, their monthly pass will be validated and their two-hour transfer will be verified.
  • PRESTO cards are available for $6 at the Fare Vending Machines at all subway stations, at all Shoppers Drug Mart locations, online at and at the TTC Customer Service Centre above Davisville Station.
  • One-ride, two-ride and day pass PRESTO Tickets are available from the Fare Vending Machines at all subway stations, at all Shoppers. Drug Mart locations in Toronto and at the TTC Customer Service Centre above Davisville Station.
  • A one-ride PRESTO Ticket cost $3.25, a two-ride PRESTO Ticket costs $6.50 and a day pass PRESTO Ticket costs $13.00.
  • Each person over the age of 12 requires their own PRESTO card or PRESTO Ticket, including the day pass PRSETO Ticket.
  • All PRESTO cards are automatically set up to deduct and adult fare. Cards can be reset to deduct a youth, post-secondary student or senior fare. Customers need to take their card, along with government issued identification or their TTC post-secondary photo identification to any Shoppers Drug Mart location or the TTC Customer Service Centre to have their card reset. Once their card is reset the appropriate fare will be deducted when they tap their card, or they will be able to load the appropriate monthly pass onto their card.
  • PRESTO provides customers with many benefits, they can register their card by creating a My PRESTO Account (which protects their balance or monthly pass if their card is lost or stolen), they can set up Autoload or Autorenew so they never have to worry about whether they have enough money or their monthly pass available on their card and customers can take advantage of the TTC’s two-hour transfer, which is only available to PRESTO card customers.
  • Customers can also use PRESTO to pay their fare on 11 transit agencies in the Greater Toronto Hamilton and Ottawa area.


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