A western separatist party will be running candidates not just federally but provincially in four provinces as well, attendees at a Saturday rally in Calgary heard.

Leader Peter Downing said he plans to run federal candidates under the name Wexit Canada and provincial candidates in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, with the hope of holding future referendums on separation in those provinces.

“The establishment is scared when western Canadians stand up for their rights and aren’t going to be pushed around anymore. And the reality is this: it’s not about white supremacy, it’s not about any kind of race or religion … it’s about liberal supremacy,” he said to applause. 

“We are going to build our pipeline and Quebec is going to pay for it.”

Elections Canada confirmed it has received Wexit’s application to become a federally registered party and CBC News has reached out to the electoral offices the four aforementioned western provinces to confirm if the party has also registered at that level.

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