Ontario to allow pot smoking wherever tobacco smoking allowed

Ontario residents will be able to smoke recreational cannabis wherever the smoking of tobacco is permitted, the Progressive Conservative government said Wednesday, loosening rules established by the previous Liberal regime.

Ontario to stiffen penalties for dangerous driving and endangering pedestrians

The Ontario government is introducing a new charge for careless driving and will stiffen penalties for existing dangerous driving charges starting next month.

Calgary malls use facial recognition to track shoppers’ age, gender without consent

At least two Calgary malls are using facial recognition technology to track shoppers’ ages and genders without first notifying them or obtaining their explicit consent.

Leave the phone at home: Canadians are warned to keep data secure when crossing U.S. border

Crossing the border into the United States is routine for many Canadians, but the Privacy Commissioner of Canada is warning citizens to be aware that their digital devices can be […]

Motorcyclists may soon be allowed to drive between lanes of traffic in Toronto

Toronto city council is considering a proposal to make the streets safer and friendlier to motorcyclists

Liberal government to update Canada’s family laws

The Liberal government is proposing changes to the Divorce Act to put children first in divorce proceedings

B.C. legislation would allow ICBC to cancel driver’s licence for unpaid child support

Chính quyền B.C. đưa ra luật cho phép ICBC hủy bằng lái xe của người nợ hơn $3,000 tiền nuôi con trả cho vợ/chồng cũ (child support).